3D 프린팅 AM 기술과 부분적 세미-적층 기법을 이용한 피어싱 펀치 강화를 위한 펀치 에지 형상의 범위 예측 및 최적화에 관한 연구

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In this paper describe the fabrication of high strength punch molds that can be applied to ultra-high strength sheet material after processing. A method of improving the strength of the punching die by means of additive manufacturing (AM) of a high strength powder material using a metal 3D printer has been proposed. Further, a semi-additive manufacture technique has been proposed to increase the punch strength through partial additive manufacturing of local parts of the punch requiring high strength. A preprocessing process for predicting the semi-additive shape for the punch function portion is proposed for application of AM technology of the metal 3D printer to this semi-additive technique. The preprocessing process for determining the semi-additive shape consists of predicting the step of the punch strength based on the shear process of the sheet material, analyzing the stress distribution of the punch, defining the semi-additive range, designing the semi-additive shape and verifying the additive interface strength and durability of the semi-additive shape. The main factor affecting the measurement of influence during the hole process is the thickness of the plate, while the effect of material and speed (above a certain level) is unknown. During the machining process, the maximum point of reaction force appears on the sidewall of the wall, resulting in a horizontal force, which is the cause. Make sure the half sample shape (depth/height) detected in this study is in the range of 2-3 mm. The flat shape is the final shape, and the following shape shows that it has a 45 ° line shape compared to a triangle with the triangular face shape. Thus, in the case of a rectangular cross-section with the interface added vertically, separation from the interface has been shown to cause separation by adding as many layers as possible in the depth direction of the punch. It is advantageous In selecting such a semi-additional shape, it has been confirmed that larger additional areas can lead to more slipping or separation, while complex shapes are more easily exposed to folds. It can be used to extend the life of semi-additives. The shape and the range determined in the simulation process define a semi-additive area (volume) for the 3D printing AM technique using a high-strength powder material, and a semi-additive punch was manufactured according to the defined area (volume). The semi-additive mold manufacturing technology based on a partial additive technique presented in this paper is expected to greatly benefit the maintenance of the punch by manufacturing the punch in a special field requiring high strength or by regenerating a punch mold that is discarded after a certain period of use. Furthermore, regeneration of a high strength punch can be achieved through semi-additive techniques in a relatively low-strength punch that would have been discarded. Therefore, the proposed technology can compensate for productivity and price challenges encountered when manufacturing punching dies using AM technologies such as the current metal 3D printer. If the cost problem can be solved in the future ,this technology will be used in a wide range.
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Punch strength analysisPunch stress distribution analysisSemi-additive range selectionSemi-additive Shape DesignVerification the semi-additive shapestrengthSemi-additive punch manufacture
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