F. Schubert의 피아노 작품 「Impromptus Op. 142」에 관한 분석 연구

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19세기 초는 음악을 포함하는 모든 예술사조가 엄격한 고전주의 양식에서 벗어나 자유로운 감정과 표현을 중요시하는 낭만주의로 넘어가는 시기라고 할 수 있다. 이 시기의 대표적 작곡가 슈베르트는 소나타뿐만 아니라 수많은 성격소품을 작곡하였는데, 그 중 8개의 즉흥곡은 조성의 성립이 명확하고 서정적, 몽환적 선율, 그리고 일반적이지 않은 화성과 전조가 나타나면서도 고전적인 형식을 벗어나지 않는 형태를 가지고 있다.

이 8개의 즉흥곡은 4곡씩 나누어 Op. 90과 Op. 142로 분류되는데 본 논문에서는 Op. 142의 특이한 화성진행을 깊이있게 분석하여 곡에서 나타난 슈베르트의 자유롭고 색다른 표현들을 자세히 살펴보았다. 특히, 변성화음, 이명동음과 반음계적 전조, 비화성음적 분석, 특수한 5도권 진행 등 슈베르트가 사용한 그리고 슈베르트의 느낌이 나는 화성들에 대해 분석해 보고 일반 화성학에서 다루지 않는 것들에 대해 심도있게 분석해 보려고 노력해 보았다.| F. Schubert, a representative composer in the early 19th century, showed the profound musical expression and romantic imagination directly in his musical works. The Impromptu, his piano work, is obvious in establishing its tonality as well as colorful harmony, and addition of beautiful and lyrical melody. As a result, it displayed the early Romantic tendency without escaping the classical form.
His Impromptus Op. 142 No. 1 is the sonata form, No. 2 compound ternary form, No. 3 variation form and No.4, ternary form. As a whole, this work was composed within the classical form and showed his creative color with a varity of colorful harmonic progression which was not generally dealt with at that time.
He mainly used nonharmonic tones when starting the measure in every four piece of Op. 142. It seemed to apply short pedal points. In addition, he employed the unexpected variant chord, and this strikingly showed the special color expressing with the feeling of modulation.
In this music, the modulation was expressed in different ways. In particular, there could be difficulties in the chromatic modulation to clarify its relation between the harmonies. However, the use of Neapolitan and enharmonic chords could make the relatedness with the original key clearly and became natural modulation. And he often hid the circle of fifth progressions. To avoid very definite circle of fifth progressions, it tended to make the harmonic analysis difficult because one or some of the bass(es) was(were) deleted often. And, some unique circles of fifth progressions by using the secondary chords and inverted chords can be models which can give the composers the diversity and creativity more.
By analyzing the peculiar harmonic progression of this music professionally, this study was to take a close look at F. Schubert's free and different expressions as shown in the music, and to express the main backbone by simplifying the complicated harmonic progression. To analyze this, it has been determined that it would be more effective in raising its readability and making the readers understood.
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F. Schubert슈베르트즉흥곡Impromptus Op. 142
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