The Influence of eWOM over Myanmar Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Korea Cosmetic Products in Facebook – the Moderating Role of Social Tie Strength

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This study will look at the impact of eWOM over consumers’ purchase intention of Korea cosmetic products at Facebook in the context of Myanmar. Cosmetic buying behavior will highlight the specific consumer behavior of Myanmar people. The purpose of this paper is to explore the characteristics of consumers’ reviews information (electronic word-of-mouth, credibility, quality and quantity) as antecedents of customers’ purchase intention. In an online, 202 respondents of Myanmar consumer started from age of 18 were presented with online survey in a Facebook context. Descriptive analysis, factor and reliability analysis were conducted using SPSS version 22.0. The results display that in terms of Myanmar consumers’ perception, source credibility, quality of eWOM information and quantity of eWOM information for Korean cosmetic products show a substantial impact on purchase intention. The moderating impacts of social tie strength was also investigated by regression analysis. This study suggests that quality and quantity of eWOM information have the significant effect on purchase intention of Myanmar consumers to buy Korean cosmetic products. In addition, this research shows that social tie strength does not have any effect on the relationship between eWOM information and purchase intention of Myanmar consumer toward Korean cosmetic product at Facebook. This research also helps Korean cosmetic retailers and manufacturer companies understand more about Myanmar consumers’ market. The results of this research will allow the Korea cosmetic firms to better understand Myanmar consumers’ behaviors and will help them to implement effective ways to enter and approach Myanmar market. This paper will also help companies to reflect their marketing strategies and compete effectively in Myanmar market. The findings of this paper will serve as a guide to such companies who have limited knowledge of Myanmar consumers. The findings also contribute useful information to any company to determine Myanmar consumer behavior for indicating the appropriate strategy of marketing. In the final part of the paper, theoretical with practical implications alongside limitations and further suggestions for research are presented.
자르니 뚠
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eWOMpurchase intentionsource credibilitySocial tie strength
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Zarni Htun
경영대학원 경영학전공
Ju-Sik Park
울산대학교 경영대학원 경영학전공
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