오스트리아학파 경제학에서 바라본 정주영의 기업가정신

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Entrepreneruship of Chung Ju Young: in Light of the Austrian School of Economics
이 글은 오스트리아학파 기업가정신 이론의 관점에서 정주영 회장의 연설, 자서전, 여타 자료 등에서 드러난 그의 기업가정신을 조명한다. 이를 통해 우리는 다음과 같은 질문들을 다룬다. 그는 어떤 식으로 불확실성을 감당했으며, 또 이윤기회는 어떤 식으로 포착했을까? 그의 트레이드마크가 된 말, “이봐, 해봤어”는 불확실성의 감당과 이윤기회의 포착 중에서 어떤 식으로 이해하는 것이 좋을까? 우리는 그의 말을 고정관념에 빠지지 말라는 경고로 이해하는 것이 적절하다고 결론을 내리고 있다. 정주영 회장은 또한 신용을 목숨처럼 중시했는데, 이는 기업가정신 이론의 논의와는 갈등을 일으키지는 않는지도 검토한다. 아울러 정주영 회장의 독특한 인재 키우기는 기업가정신 이론의 관점에서는 어떻게 이해될 수 있는지도 검토하고 있다. 우리는 이런 분석을 통해 더 많은 사람들이 그의 기업가정신으로부터 영감을 얻고 나름의 기업가정신을 발휘하는 데 도움이 되기를 기대한다.
This paper sheds light on the entrepreneruship of Chung Ju Young, in view of the Entrepreneurial Theories of the Austrian School of Economics. By analyzing his speeches, autobiography, interviews, and writings on him, this paper asks the following questions: How did he capture profit-opportunities while bearing uncertainties?
He used to respond to oppositions to his 'bold' business ideas by saying "Hey, Have you ever tried it?" Now, this wording has become his trademark. Does it mean that he was uncertainty-lover? What else entrepreneurial meaning can we attach to it? This paper suggests that we can interpret his famous trademark as a serious warning for us not to be fallen into the trap of conventional wisdom.
Chung Ju Young is also well known for keeping his promise even when he has to incur a great loss for that. Many economists argue that entrepreneurship cannot be separated from capital ownership. For them, entrepreneurship means bearing ultimate responsibility for his decision-making, and it is obvious that without any capital it is simply impossible for anyone to bear ultimate responsibility because he cannot incur any loss of his capital even when he makes a 'wrong' decision. Those economists who relate entrepreneurship mainly with alertness to profit opportunities tend to think that discovery of profit-opportunity is possible without owning capital. We suggest that this tension can be resolved once we take into account the following
fact: since credit built by entrepreneurs can be lost when he makes wrong decision, it is still possible that they take responsibility.
We also bring into light his unique way of recognizing entrepreneurial talents of other men, which is itself entrepreneurship about entrepreneurship. Through these analyses, we hope, people—especially young generations—learn the essence of his entrepreneurship and be inspired.
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